Individual Personal Accident Policy

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Individual Personal Accident Policy

Accidents are unpredictable, and can occur anytime, anywhere. With personal accident cover in place, you get the financial aid you need to offset any resulting loss in income, plus further support towards treatment and other retraining costs. Liberty General Insurance Individual Personal Accident policy covers you and your family against the financial impact of an unexpected accident.
The coverage includes minor accident arising out of day to day activities, and also extends to major accidents or physical loss arising due to disablement or death in the event of an accidental bodily injury. The policy also pays compensation for accidental death or disablement happening anywhere in the world. The policy covers self, spouse and two dependent children aged between 3 months and 25 years.

Our Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy provides the following benefits to you and your family:

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Temporary Total Disability due to an Accident

Value-added Covers:

  • Cost of Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Cost of Carrying out the Funeral Ceremony
  • Child Education Benefit

Optional Covers:

  • Accidental Hospitalisation Expenditure
  • Accidental Hospital Daily Cash
  • Broken Bone
  • Life Support Assistance
  • Ambulance Transportation Charges
  • Family Transportation Benefit
  • Child Education Support Benefit
  • Loan Protector
  • Outstanding Bills Protection Benefit
  • Legal Bail Expenses
  • Double Indemnity

For detailed information of inclusions & other details, please refer to the policy wordings.

UIN : LVGPAIP14004V011314

Frequently Asked Questions

Liberty General Insurance Individual Personal Accident Policy - General FAQs
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Q 1. What is the background of the Company?


Liberty General Insurance Ltd. is a joint venture between Liberty Citystate holdings PTE Ltd, a group company of US Headquartered Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, a leading multinational property and casualty group, Enam Securities, a privately owned and managed firm that makes long-term investments in listed companies, as well as backs entrepreneurs building valuable private companies and DP Jindal Group, an industrial conglomerate. Liberty India General Insurance commenced operations in 2013 with the aim of providing comprehensive retail, commercial and industrial insurance solutions.Liberty Mutual Insurance Group was founded in the year 1912 and now is a diversified global insurer and has over 900 offices over the world. With Liberty Mutual's 100 years of supervision in the insurance industry globally.

Liberty General Insurance Limited is here with a vision to build a customer centric business to address the distinct needs of individual and corporate customers.The company has an employee strength of 1200+ over a network of 97 offices in 95 cities across 28 states. Its partner network consists of about 5000+ hospitals and more than 4000+ auto service centres.

Q 2. What is an accident?

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"Accident" is a sudden, unforeseen and involuntary event caused by external, visible and violent means

Q 3. Why do I need Individual Personal Accident Policy

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Accidents are sudden and unforeseen. They happen anytime and anywhere. Individual Personal Accident policy covers you and your family against minor accident arising out of day to day activities. It also covers you against major accidents or physical loss arising due to death or disablement due to accidental bodily injury. It pays compensation for any accidental death or disablement happening anywhere in the world​

Q 4. What are the bases of determining the Sum Insured?

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Occupation nature, income level and age are the main factors which play a vital role in determining the sum insured. The sum insured offered is generally the certain times of the annual income

Q 5. I already have a health insurance policy. Do I still need an IPA policy?

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Yes, An IPA insurance policy is an insurance contract that covers risk arising from accidents be it at home, or outside. An accident insurance policy compensates you with a lump sum amount at the time of need to provide financial support during crisis arisen due to death/disablement of the insured.

Q 6. What are the benefits payable under this Policy?

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The policy provides the benefits to you and your family, for Accidental Death, Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, and Temporary Total Disability due to an Accident
Along with inbuilt value added covers like – Child Education Benefit, Cost of Transporting Mortal Remains, Cost of Performance of Funeral Ceremony, And add on covers like – Accidental Hospitalisation Expenses, Accidental Hospital Daily Cash, Child Education Support Benefit, Life Support Benefit, Loan Protector, Broken Bone, Modification of Vehicle/Residence, Family Transport Benefit, Outstanding Bills Protection Benefit, Ambulance Hiring Charges, Legal Bail Expenses, Double Indemnity

Q 7. Is there any eligibility criterion for purchasing this policy?

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Liberty General Insurance IPA policy can be taken by individuals from the age of 18 years to 70 years.

Q 8. How long is the policy valid for?

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Liberty General Insurance offers IPA policies with option of 1 year, 2 years and 3 years policy period which can be renewed after that.

Q 9. What is the benefit of taking 2 years or 3 years policy?

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You will get a discount on the base premium when the policy period is beyond 1 year, as mentioned in the table below:

Policy period Discount on base premium
2 years 8%
3 years 15%

Q 10. How many members can be covered under Family Floater policy?

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You can enroll total of 4 members under family floater policy as per the following family definitions
1. Self + Spouse (Non-Earning)

2. Self + Spouse (Earning)

3. Self + Child

4. Self + Spouse (Non-Earning)+ Child

5. Self + Spouse (Earning)+ Child

6. Self + 2 Children

7. Self + Spouse (Non-Earning)+ 2 Children

8. Self + Spouse (Earning)+ 2 Children

Q 11. What kinds of benefits is my spouse and children entitled to?

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50% of the Capital Sum Insured in case of earning spouse (or 25% in case of non-earning spouse) & 12.5% of the Capital Sum Insured in case of dependent children

Q 12. What is the Grace Period?

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Grace Period means the specified period of time, which is 30 days in your Liberty General Insurance IPA Policy, immediately following the premium due date during which a payment can be made to renew or continue a policy in force without loss of continuity benefits. However, any death/injury due to accident during the break in period will not be covered.

Q 13. What is a Free-look period?

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After purchasing the Policy, in case you find it unsuitable to your needs, you can, within a free look period of 15 days from the receipt of the policy, request for a cancellation of the Policy.

Q 14. What are the variants, plan type and sum insured options available under this policy?

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You can choose from two variants as mentioned below with Capital Sum Insured ranging from Rs. 1 lakh and 1 Crore:
. Unit Based Plan

- Available on Individual Sum Insured Basis

- Sum Insured available ranges from 1 unit (10 lakh) to maximum 10 units

. Flexi Plan

- Available on Individual and Family Floater Sum Insured Basis

- Sum Insured available ranges from 1 lakh to maximum 1 crore

Q 15. Are there any special discounts available under the policy?

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Q 15. 1. Family Discount - The policy provides a Family discount as mentioned in the below table, if 2 or more family members are covered under Flexi plan on Individual Sum Insured basis:

Family Size Discount
2 members 5%
3 members 10%
4 members 15%

2. Loyalty Bonus – The member will get 5% or 7.5% discounts, if he/she already has 1 policy or 2 policies from Liberty General Insurance relating to any product line respectively

3. Online Policy booking discount – The member will get 20% discount, if the policy is taken online

4. Employee discount – The member will get 10% discount, if he/she is the employee of Liberty General Insurance

5. Multi-year Policy Discount - The policy provides a Multi – year policy discount of 7.5%, if the insured opts for 2 year policy term

Q 16. What does Liberty General Insurance Individual Personal Accident Policy covers?

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Personal Accident policy covers you and your family against minor accident arising out of day to day activities. It also covers you against major accidents or physical loss arising due to death or disablement due to accidental bodily injury. It pays compensation for any accidental death or disablement happening anywhere in the world.

Q 17. Who are covered under the Policy?

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The policy covers self, spouse and two dependent children. Children in between age 3 months to 25 years are covered under the policy

Q 18. Will my IPA policy cover me even if I am out of the country?

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Yes the accident policy will cover you even if you are out of the country. The sum insured will be paid to you in Indian Rupees in case of a claim i.e. the claim will be paid out in India only

Q 19. Is there any renewal benefit, if I renew my policy next year?

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Yes, you will get a cumulative bonus of 5% in respect of each claim free year of insurance subject to a maximum accumulation of 50% of the Capital Sum Insured

Q 20. Is there any income tax benefit for premium paid under Personal Accident Insurance Policy?

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There is no income tax benefit available against premium paid for Personal Accident Insurance.

Q 21. If I wish to cancel my Policy, will I get a refund for the same?

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If for any reason you wish to opt out of the Insurance, the premium for the period at risk shall be retained as per the short period rates and balance shall be refunded. No refund shall happen on policies where a claim is notified or settled. Please refer to our detailed Policy Wordings for more information on this.

Q 22. Is there any specific type of accidents which are excluded from the purview of coverage?

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Liberty General Insurance shall not be liable to pay any claim arising:
. From intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide

. Whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs

. Whilst engaging in sporting activities (aviation or ballooning for example)

. Directly or indirectly caused by venereal disease or insanity

. Due to childbirth or pregnancy related

. From war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war etc.

The above list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the policy wordings for complete list of Exclusions

Q 23. How can I contact Liberty General Insurance?

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You can contact us through our toll free number 1800-266-5844 or Write to us at or Visit our nearest branch (for list of branches visit

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Thanks Mr. Kaushal and Mr. Rajesh Portability for Mr. Rohit's son is accepted by Health Insurance Underwriting Team. This is a lovely example of ''OUT OF THE BOX'' thinking at LVGI as Dr. Liji has physically examined the boy after discussing the matter with Dr. Asha and Hemlata madam instead of compelling him to go for X-Ray/MRI.​​ Parents of the boy appreciated the way proposal was tackled as parents and the consulting doctor were not of the opinion of taking X-Ray/MRI of the young boy, as he was fit post hospitalization. Thanks to Underwriting Team for thinking differently.​

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We have received the transferred amount.Thanks a lot for paying heed to our matter.
We will always remain grateful to you for your kind gesture.​

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I just want to  say, I was impressed by your work what you did. your quick response and you kept following my refund request of excess amount till to its complete.
Really I liked your service from your company and hereby I confirm that finally I got my refund (credited to my account) today. Thanks once again​

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