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HealthPrime Connect

HealthPrime Connect: A health plan that is as comprehensive as it gets!

They say you can’t buy peace of mind. But you can do the next best thing – buy a comprehensive health insurance policy that provides you and your loved ones with the best medical care possible!

When it comes to healthcare, you want nothing but the best – the best hospitals, the best doctors and the best treatments, no expense spared.

Liberty General Insurance’s HealthPrime Connect is a comprehensive health insurance plan designed especially for individuals and families who will accept no compromise on the medical front. The policy is packed with a wide range of benefits. It gives you and your family adequate cover (from Rs 10 lakh up to Rs 1 crore) against infectious diseases, lifestyle-related diseases and critical illnesses.

What is a comprehensive health insurance policy?

A comprehensive health insurance plan covers a wide range of treatments, including hospitalisation, daycare and OPD. It also provides cover for pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, including diagnostic tests and doctor consultations.

Why do you need a comprehensive policy?

A comprehensive health insurance plan like HealthPrime Connect is designed with two critical insights in mind:

  • 1. People today face a much higher risk of infectious diseases and lifestyle-related illnesses than ever before
  • 2. Healthcare is already an expensive proposition, and costs are escalating at a rapid pace every year. India has one of the highest rates of medical inflation (at 12% for 2020), according to the 2020 Global Medical Trends Survey Report by Towers Watson

The best way to safeguard yourself in such a scenario is to invest in a good, comprehensive health insurance plan that will allow you to get the medical care you need without worrying about costs.

HealthPrime Connect perfectly fits the bill. With insurance cover ranging from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore, and benefits like no copay, no sub-limits, cumulative bonuses and 100% restoration of the Sum Insured, you don’t have to be out of pocket.

Key Benefits of HealthPrime Connect Insurance

Some of the main HealthPrime connect insurance benefits offered as part of Liberty HealthPrime Connect Policy are as follows:
  • Attractive Renewal Benefits

    Maternity and childcare expenses

    Benefit for a healthy mother,a healthy child, Maternal care,Antenatal and postnatal care

  • Free Look Period

    Expenses towards special treatments

    To make sure all the bases are covered

    AYUSH treatment

  • Unique Loyalty Perk Benefits

    Wellness benefits

    Designed for those with active lifestyles

    Earn rewards and burn against array of our facilities

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Features and benefits of HealthPrime Connect

The term comprehensive medical insurance is a perfect one for HealthPrime Connect because of the sheer range of features and benefits it offers. Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

1. High Sum Insured:

  • For those who need a no-compromise cover Get just the protection you need with Sum Insured ranging from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore

2. Extensive coverage:

  • Hospitalisation to treatment at home, we’ve got you covered.
  • Hospitalisation: Covers expenses for treatment in a hospital if the stay is longer than 24 hours
  • Daycare: Covers medical and surgical treatment expenses in a hospital or daycare centre for stays less than 24 hours
  • Pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses: 60-90 days pre and 90-180 days post (depending on the plan)
  • Treatment at home: Expenses up to 10% of the Sum Insured if the patient is unable to find a bed in a hospital and needs to be treated at home

3. Multiple Allowances:

  • Those little expenses can pile up. We have made an allowance for them.
  • Hospital Daily Cash: From Rs 1000 to Rs 4000 per day up to 10 days
  • Emergency local ambulance charges: Rs 2500 to Rs 8000
  • Nursing Allowance: Rs 2000 to Rs 4000 per day

4. Special Expenses:

  • For expenses that regular policies do not cover
  • Second opinion: Get a second opinion absolutely free from our expert panel of doctors to augment confidence in the medical diagnosis and treatment.
  • Organ donor expenses: Expenses towards screening and treatment of organ donor (up to Sum Insured)

5. Maternity and childcare expenses

  • For a healthy mother and a healthy child
  • Maternal care
  • Antenatal and post-natal care
  • Infant care
  • Baby vaccinations till age 3
  • Screening of newborn during maternity hospitalisation
  • Umbilical cord stem cell banking for first year

6. Expenses towards special treatments:

  • To make sure all the bases are covered
  • AYUSH treatment
  • Laser eye surgery
  • Vaccination against animal bite
  • Obesity treatment if BMI is >40
  • Infertility treatment

7. Wellness benefits:

  • Designed for those with active lifestyles
  • Preventive Care Services
  • Health 360°: Earn-and-Burn reward program that rewards a healthier life style

8. Restoration benefits:

  • Never miss out on the best care
  • Restore 100% of your exhausted Sum Insured to cover any unrelated event in the same year

9. Emergency assistance

  • For times when you need it most
  • Get help while you are 150-km away from your permanent residence

10. Renewal Benefits: Loyalty is rewarding

  • StayFit Perks: Earn a reward of Rs 10,000 after two consecutive claim-free year renewals. You can use the bonus for any non-medical expense
  • Cashless checkup: With every renewal, get a cashless health checkup
  • Cumulative Bonus: 10% of the Basic Sum Insured is added for every claim-free year
  • Change or enhance your cover during renewal

11. Optional benefits: (available with Optimum and Optimum Plus): A little extra can go a long way

  • Cumulative Bonus Enhancer: Increase your basic Sum Insured by 25% after every claim-free year (up to 150%)
  • OPD cover: Choose from special Sum Insured limits of Rs 10000, Rs 15000, Rs 20000 and Rs 30000 for OPD expenses
  • Crtical Illness & Personal Accident Cover:
    • Critical Illness Cover – Get to choose the Sum Insured of Rs 200000, Rs 500000 or Rs. 1000000 (Depending on the plan)
    • Persona Accident Cover - Up to 100% or 150% of Critical Illness Sum Inured
    • Adventure sports – Get Up to 10% of Personal Accident Sum Insured
  • Worldwide coverage: Up to 50% of Basic Sum Insured

Frequently Asked Questions(HealthPrime Connect Comprehensive)

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Q 1. How can I buy the policy?


We have made it easy for you to buy our comprehensive health insurance plans. You can do it from the comfort of your home in just a few clicks by visiting the following link:

Q 2. Am I eligible to buy the policy?

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If you are over 18 years and under 65, you are eligible to buy the policy.

Q 3. What about my children?

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Children between 91 days and 25 years can be covered in you’re the comprehensive health insurance plan as dependents​

Q 4. I want to include my family in the policy. Who can I add?

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You can include your family either through an individual plan (where there is a fixed Sum Insured for each member) or a floater plan (where one Sum Insured covers the entire family).
In an individual plan, you can include yourself and your spouse, children, parents, parents-in-law, grandchildren and grandparents, siblings, son-in-law and daughter-in-law. You can get a 10% discount on the premium if you add more than two family members.
In a floater, you can add yourself and your spouse, children, parents and parents-in-law with a maximum of two adults and three children

Q 5. How much cover can I get?

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You can opt for cover ranging from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore based on your needs.

Q 6. What are sub-limits? Does this policy have any sub-limits?

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Sub-limits are used to cap specific expenses like room rent or doctor charges. For example, if the sub-limit for room rent is Rs 2000 per day, and you opt for a room with a rent of Rs 2200 per day, you will have to pay Rs 200 out of your pocket. HealthPrime Connect has no sub-limits, and your hospitalisation expenses are fully covered.

Q 7. What is copay? Does this policy have copay?

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Copay is a fixed amount you must pay for any treatment with the rest being paid by the insurance company. HealthPrime Connect has no copay.

Q 8. How many daycare procedures are covered in the policy?

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We will cover any day procedure which is approved by Indian Medical Association and is not experimental or excluded.

Q 09. Will I start getting hospital daily cash from the first day of hospitalisation?

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You are eligible for daily cash allowance after the first 48 hours or two days.

Q 10. Can I pay the premium in EMIs?

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Yes, you can pay the premium in easy instalments towards our comprehensive health insurance plans. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Half-yearly (2 payments): 51% of the total annual premium. Example: If your yearly premium is Rs 20000, your half-yearly premium will come to Rs 10200
  • Quarterly (4 payments): 26% of the total annual premium. Example: If your yearly premium is Rs 20000, your quarterly payment will come to Rs 5200
  • Monthly (12 payments): 8.75% of the total annual premium. Example: If your yearly premium is Rs 20000, your monthly payment will come to Rs 1750.

Q 11. What is the geographical coverage of the policy? Is it pan India? Can I get worldwide coverage?

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Yes, HealthPrime Connect covers your medical expenses anywhere in India. You can also opt for worldwide coverage (up to 50% of Sum Insured) under the Optimum and Optimum Plus plans. Global hospitalisation expenses are covered under the following conditions:

  • The policyholder is outside India for purposes other than seeking medical care.
  • The cause for hospitalisation occurred when the holder was outside India.

Only inpatient hospitalisation expenses are covered, and the policyholder is reimbursed in INR.

Q 12. Does the policy cover pre-existing conditions?

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Yes, this comprehensive medical insurance policy covers pre-existing conditions. However, pre-existing conditions or any complications arising from them are covered after a continuous period of 36-48 months of policy coverage has elapsed.

Q 13. What is the eligibility and cover for obesity treatment?

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You can get covered for obesity treatment (from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh) under Optimum and Optimum Plus plans if your BMI is higher than 40 with medical co-morbidities.

Q 14. Can I get an extension on my policy tenure?

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You can get an extension of tenure when you are out of the country for a continuous period of 15 days.

Q 15.What is earn and burn?

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Earn and burn is a wellness benefit which helps you earn points by leading a healthier lifestyle. You can use these points towards rewards and discounts.

Q 16. How are my claims processed?

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Claims are processed by an in-house team efficiently and quickly. You can read about our claim process here.

Q 17. Are critical illnesses and accidents covered?

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You can opt for add-on covers for critical illness and personal accident by paying an additional premium.

Q 18. I want to change or enhance my Sum Insured. Can I do that?

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Yes, you can, but only at the time of renewal and if there has been no claim during the year.

Q 19. How much OPD cover can I get?

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You can opt for additional OPD cover from Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 under Optimum and Optimum Plus plans.

Q 20. Are maternity benefits available?

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Maternal and infant care expenses are built-in with Optimum and Optimum Plus comprehensive health insurance plans.

Q 21. What are some of the renewal benefits that I can get if I haven’t made a claim?

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Here are some of the benefits you can claim across all our plans:

  • Renewal Health check up – Get a cashless checkup when you renew with us, irrespective of claims history
  • Cumulative bonus – Increase your Sum Insured by 10% for every claim-free year, up to 100% of the Basic Sum Insured
  • Stay Fit perks: Get a Rs 10,000 after every block of two claim-free years. You can spend this amount on non-medical expense

Q 22. Is alternative treatment covered?

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Yes. Inpatient expenses towards Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy are covered in Optimum and Optimum Plus plans, provided the treatment is taken at a government-recognised or accredited centre.

Q 23. Is laser eye surgery covered?

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Yes. You can claim expenses for correction of refractive errors of +/-5 and above as part of the comprehensive health insurance plan.

Q 24. What does preventive care cover?

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Any expense incurred to improve your current health condition is covered, including payments towards first medical opinion, fortnightly newsletters, live health talks, etc.

Q 25. Claims process: Efficient, quick and simple

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We understand that the last thing you need while filing a claim for medical expenses is red-tape and delays.
That’s why we have designed our processes to be smooth, efficient, quick and straightforward. We have a dedicated in-house team who will assist and process your claims as quickly as possible.
If you are getting treated at one of our network hospitals, your treatment will be cashless, allowing you to focus on the healthcare issue instead of worrying about payment.
When should you register your claim?: Make sure to register your claim at least 48 hours before a planned admission. If it’s an emergency, then let us know within 24 hours of being admitted.
How to file a claim?: Call us on 18002665844 (08:00 AM to 08:00 PM all days a week) or write to us at Health360@LibertyInsurance.In.
How can our team help with your claims?:
- Call up our 24-hour helpline for answers to any queries you may have about your claim
- Seek assistance for cashless service at network hospitals and reimbursement for treatment at non-network hospitals
- Get online help during hospitalisation and filing of claims

Q 26. How to check your claim status?

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Visit to check status of your claim.


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